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VIDEO of the new 25th Anniversary Warangel White Box

Just click on the picture to see the 120 avilable races of "Create YOUR Warangel"


WARANGEL is a fantasy universe created and illustrated by Angelo Porazzi.

The game includes now 120 different warrior races, with rulebook and reference sheets all translated and available in English, and all the handpainted maps of each race inspired to real sectors on Earth.
It is a light wargame with a simple and well illustrated rulebook, good for younger players too.
The first edition was published in 1996, released as collectible issues and distributed in Italy.
In 2000 the author realized the first self-produced boxed edition, which received 4 awards in 4 different luding Cons and Fairs

- Best Italian BoardGame in Ludex 2000 Bologna
BEST ITALIAN GAME in Lucca Comics&Games 2000
- Best Italian Fantasy Wargame in Dadi.Com Milano 2000
- Best Self-Produced game in AcquiComics 2001

On 2001 the Warangel Card Game was distributed in Italy by Hasbro.

Since 2007, Warangel is available with the incredibly successfull service "Create YOUR Warangel". Just pick your favourite Races, Maps, Reference Sheets... and Stop the War!

On 2021, Warangel celebrates its 25th Anniversary! 

The brand new Warangel 25th Anniversary White Box is ready together with the translation of the Warangel Book in English. See the White Box and all Illustrations of this Universo on the You Tube Channel "Angelo Porazzi Illustrations"

For any order or information about your customized copy of the game, just write here, you are welcome  anporaz@libero.it

Create YOUR Warangel VIDEO at BoardGameGeek Booth Essen Fair 2010

New VIDEO of the 25th Anniversary Warangel Box

SPARTANS vs PERSIANS on MAP of Thermopylae

Is just one of the endless combinations of battles you can create.

Here the complete


Choose and receive your favourite RACES already mounted on painted woodenblocks, as you see in the pictures.
Choose and receive your favourte hexed
MAPS representing real sectors of Earth.
Choose and receive the
REFERENCE SHEETS of Races you are most interested.
Create YOUR Warangel!

Here you see many SAMPLES of Races mounted on painted woodenblocks, to help you in choosing your favourite armies.

Gamers may choose and request Races, Reference Sheets and Maps from any Generation of the game. Here the complete


This is the price breakdown for Create YOUR Warangel, choose the elements of the game you want:

RACES - mounted on prepainted woodenblocks as you see in pictures, complete with 7 fortresses and 1 Master, collected in plastic zip bag: 15 euro per Race

MAPS - Full Colour, A3 format, each one illustrating a real sector of Earth: 4 euro per Map protected in its transparent A3 plastic shield.

REFERENCE SHEETS - Printed in English, A4 format, full colour, 1 per each race, describing history and warriors characteristics: 1 euro per Sheet you choose.

RULEBOOK - Warangel Rulebook, printed in English, A4 format, in full colour, protected by plastic copybook that may contains many Reference Sheets of Races you choose: 15 euro

DESTINY SHIELDS - They substitute dice and tables, set of 10 pieces: 1 Euro.

BOX - Warangel 25th Anniversary Box: 10 euro see the Video Here

BAG - exactly like the Box but flat: 2 euro

MAP COLLECTOR - If you wish to collect and protect many maps in their A3 transparent plastic shield, the A3 Map Collector is a great tool. It also perfectly holds the Warangel Box itself to protect the game at best: 25 euro

Here some SAMPLES of how you can order with the service Create YOUR Warangel.

BASE BOX for 2 Players: 2 RACES already mounted on painted woodenblocks Insects and Eagles, 2 MAPS (in this case Sudan and West USA), RULEBOOK including these 2 REFERENCE SHEETS, 1 set of 10 Destiny Shields. Total: 50 euro

COLLECTOR SET for 2 Players or more: 2 RACES already  mounted on painted woodenblocks you choose (example Chelates and Templars) 30 euro, 2 hexed MAPS (in this case Iraq, and Alps): 8 euro, 2 REFERENCE SHEETS: 2 euro, 1 set of 10 Destiny Shields: 2 euro, RULEBOOK: 10 euro, Warangel 25th Anniversary BOX to contain all the wooden races: 10 euro, 1 MAP COLLECTOR to contain all the Maps and the Box itself: 25 euro. Total: 77 euro. The Collector Set is great if you wish to start your collection of Maps and Races, with the strong Box and the strong Map Collector to protect every element in the best way, or if you wish to make a complete great gift.

Of course, you can order the Collector Set with 2 or more races of your choice.

See the VIDEO of the New 25th Anniverasry Box and Map Collector Here

For any info and order, feel free to contact, you are welcome anporaz@libero.it.


Each players chooses a race: take the REFERENCE SHEET and the COUNTERS of your favourite race.

Each player chooses 1 MAP, or takes the specific map of choosed race.

In the picture see the three elements each player must have:
1 hexed MAP (here you see Mexico), the REFERENCE SHEET and the COUNTERS of your race.

Each player reads clearly to other players the Reference Sheet of his own Race.

Each Race starts with 7 FORTRESSES where are hidden own Resource Points.
The RESOURCE POINTS are the key to Victory: in the reality they could be weapons, food, supplies.
All Races start sith 10 Resource Points, secretly hidden in own
7 fortresses.
Each Race starts with a Fortress hiding
3 Value Points, one with 2 and five with 1, as you see in the picture.

VICTORY: Stop the war, controlling at the beginning of your turn, 12 Resource Points at least.

This means place own warriors in a number of Fortresses (own and enemies) so that the total of Resource Points hidden in these Fortresses is 12 at least.

WARRIORS Each army is composed by 5 different kind of warriors:
The MASTER, the WarAngel of that Race that represents yourself in the game
The Dominants, similar to the Master
The Warriors of 1st Intermediate Caste
The Warriors of 2nd Intermediate Caste
The Infantry Caste

Place a screen or Warangel Box among Maps, to not see enemy placement. Secretly place your FORTESSES at 6 hexes of distance at least . When adjacent they are at distance 1 so leave free at least 5 hexes as you see in picture.

Each Fortress hides 1 to 3 RESOURCE POINTS. The
wooden counter has the Resource Point number on the other side of the Fortress icon. You can also hide a warrior under each Fortess, just like you see in the picture.

Each REFERENCE SHEETS reports an historical background, an illustration and all icons of the warriors, each one provided with all actions and characteristics:

Pow. Power: strenght and skillness in close combat.

Vit. Vitality: number of wounds necessary to defeat the warrior.

Mov. Movement: The Movement Points the warrior may spend to move on different hexes of maps. Each hex has an own cost reported on the rulebook.

Wrs. Warriors: number of warriors of that caste you must place at the beginning of each battle. Here the complete
WARANGEL RACES' LIST with the number of Warriors for each Race and the matching hexed Maps illlustrating real sector on Earth.

Val. Value: The cost of the warrior and his resistance to particular Mental Weapons.

Spe. Specializations: hexes on maps where the warrior always spends only
1 Movement Points and may RE-FLIP his Destiny Shields, both on offence and on defence.

DESTINY SHIELDS Are the "coins" that substitute dice and tables, designed to have a fast gameplay and a good control on luck factor.
On one side they have a "drop" icon, on other side they are white.
The "drop" usually represents a wound on enemy: the more Shields you flip, the more are possibilities to hit a target.
A warrior with Power 5, flips 5 destiny Shields; a Physical Weapon with Power 3, flips 3 Shields and so on.
So, to defeat a target with Vitality 4, a good attack is at least with Power 8: with less you are hoping in fortune.

Secretly place your WARRIORS on your map, considering that only passages to invade other maps are the BLUE HOLES, near the border map. Each one of these Dimensional Doors has their own match on all maps (just imagine to overlay maps to found the matching gates).

No warrior may be placed on a Blue Hole. First player who declare his placement is ready, has the right to move first. When al players declare their placements are ready, remove the screens among maps and begin the battle.

Each Race combats in its own very particular way: each single warrior has its own characteristics, actions, weapons, and terrain specializations. So every single battle will be new and different from the other, always a new game experience.
Here you can find a
BATTLE EXAMPLE with two mighty races: Immortals and Redskins.

The Map Collector showing Eagles' Map (USA west with Grand Canyon and California separated by San. Andreas chasm, perfect land for Eagles) and Ghelates' Map (Iraq, with Tigris and Euphrates rivers and a large sector of desert, specialzation terrain for this army).

The Box containing the Warangel Rulebook and many Races you choose, kits with premounted, painted woodenpawns, ready to play.


For gamers who like to collect the great number of Races and Maps available in Warangel universo, is available this Map Collector with Logo and illustrations of the game, on Cover and Back.

It is really useful to collect A3 format plastic shields that perfectly contains and protect the Warangel hexed Maps. You can open the metal rings and take the Maps you will choose for each battle. During your battles, use your Maps inside their plastic shields, this will protect them perfectly.

See the VIDEO of the 25th Anniversary Warangel Box and the Map Collector Here.

2) The Box, containing the Rulebook and the Races, fits perfectly inside the Map Collector which keeps in order every choosed Map thanks to the metal ring and perfectly protects the Box with a cover that is much more resistant of the Box itself.

3) The Map Collector, folded, perfectly holds the Box and every element of the game choosed by the player: the Reference Sheets, the Races, the Maps you can choose to "Create YOUR Warangel".

Create YOUR Warangel VIDEO

With Warangelo and Derk at BoardGameGeek Booth, Essen 2010.

Thank you Scott, Derk and all BGG Team for this fantastic Jersey you honoured me: #14 as my number when I play Quarteback of Milano Pythons and with the name WARANGELO on the back: the greatest gift and award after 14 years in the Luding World:)

In the Video, How to Play Warangel, a little history, how to request


THE FIRST MEMORIES - 25 Years With WarAngel

Written and Illustrated by Angelo Porazzi 2021

Presentation in San Marino Comics 2021

"THE FIRST MEMORIES - 25 Years with WarAngel" is the book published in 2021 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of this Game-Universo created by Angelo Porazzi: the game had its 1st edition in 1996.

It is the traslation of the book "20 Years with Warangel" arrived in Mondadori Stores, the greatest book industry in Italy, with the new chapter dedicated to the last 5 years of life of this game, invited in all major italian events.

It contains plenty of full color illustrations and descriptions of this Universo.

"THE FIRST MEMORIES - 25 Years with WarAngel"

To contact the writer and illustrator, to request your copy with signature and dedication, just write to:


WARANGEL New Maps: Atlantis, Manhattan, Hades, Tokyo

In 2016, to celebrate 20 Years of Warangel, 4 New Maps are illustrated: ATLANTIS for Warbeasts, MANHATTAN for Warmachines, HADES for Wardaemons, TOKYO for Virtuabeasts. These 4 historical "Monster Races" have now their Maps, Reference Sheets and Wooden Pawns to play them just like any other Warangel Race. On Map of Atlantis, raised from ocean, you see the circular harbors described by Plato and Poseidon Temple in the center; in Manhattan find the crumbles of all you know, Empire State Building, the crushed bridges, Statue of Liberty; in Hades the Phlegethon sorrounding the Tartarus, the rivers Acheron, Styx and Lethe, where the souls drink to loose their memories and reincarnate... On Map of Tokyo the airport with its airstrips, the Rainbow Bridge, the SkyTree Tower, the Imperial Palace... Also the ruins of Gundam:) For any info or order, always: anporaz@libero.it