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Since the year 2000, when Warangel was awarded “Best Italian Game” in our greatest European Game Fair, and continuing through the years, I have been constantly called as guest, guest of honor, coordinator... in a myriad of Game Fairs and Comics Events.

A lot of good people had the chance to know me in person: gamers, authors, organizers, cosplayers... Many of these artists began to create costumes inspired to the Warangel Universe I illustrated through the years: 120 different Warrior Races with more than 600 different creatures.

The first Cosplay inspired by one of these drawings, was the “Star Woman” of  Warangel Stars Army.

The story itself of this costume is a “good memory”. When my daughter Alessia was a child, she came to me with a naked Barbie doll, colored with a crayon in black stripes, on the arms and on the legs. She cropped a star from a golden card and used it to hold the long blonde hair of the doll.

“Dad, you have to create the Stars Women!”

And that’s exactly what I did :)

The illustration you see now on the Reference Sheet of Warangel Stars, is inspired by that doll created by Alessia.

One of the greatest and more loved Cosplayer in Italy, Lucrezia Crisci, immediately fell in love with that character and portrayed the costume of the Star Woman.

The Star Woman (on the Cover of this Card Game) began to participate with me in so many booths in many Italian Game Fairs; other Cosplayers began to know the Warangel Universe thanks to that costume.







Many other costumes were created and inspired by Warangel warriors illustrations:

Arianna Paltrinieri portrayed the Valkyrie you see on the Book’s cover illustration;

Daniele Prada posed like Hermes of the Warangel Gods, as it is illustrated on the wooden pawns of the game, running on the clouds;

Veronica Messina is the Dragon Woman, with the same character and landscape I painted on the Reference Sheet of that army;

Francesco Fraska realized the spiked shoulder pads and the ultraspiked mace of Warangel Gladiator;

Kety Eoli portrayed the green and red dress of Warangel Sorceress;

Horror 99 portrayed the armor and the typical red and white shield of the Templar;

Monica Fassardi has the perfect grace to perform the Black Cat of the Nightlies army;

Martina Puglisi cosplayed the Dominatrix of the WarDaemon army;

Paolo Spartano has the perfect muscles (and surname) to portray Leonidas of the Spartans Warangel army.

 That is why in 2019 “Warangel Cosplay” was printed, a Card Game that shows on each card the Cosplay Photograph on the front and on the back the Warangel illustration that inspired that costume. That was my way to say “Thank You” to all these Friends that portrayed costumes, armors, shields, weapons, landscapes... giving life to all the characters and illustrations I painted in the Warangel Board Game.

You can play this game on the side of the Photos and also turning the Cards: as you see, each one has a Drawing from Warangel Universo quite easy to be described.


Created and illustrated by Angelo Porazzi

Printed with the quality of Cartamundi

For any info or order write me here! anporaz@libero.it





Just take a look to the Card Game CineCats


In that game I illustrated Funny Cats inspired by Cinema and Comics Characters;

In this game you find pics of real people with their costumes, CosPlaying Warangel Characters and Cinema, Comics Characters.

"I want the Cosplay... Who is the enemy of Peter Pan!"

"I want the Cosplay... Holding a lightsabre!"

"I want the Cosplay... With wings, scales and a long tail!"

Warangel Cosplay is a very easy game to test your skills in describing, listening,
singing, interpreting, observing...

You must figure out the Cosplay as suggested by the dealer, who can describe it with the help of the pic on the card, a verb, a sound, miming it, singing it, or reciting a "quote" from a movie.

The player who knows the game best starts as dealer: he shuffles the deck and places a dozen cards face up on the table. Let’s say you see on the table the Cosplay Cards shown on this page.

Now, for example, the dealer may mime...
A hook! The first player who uses his hand to cover the card of Captain Hook, wins that cards and takes it for a victory point!

Or, the dealer may make the sound of a lightsabre:
“Use the Fooorrrceeee....”
Whoever covers the card of Obi wins that point!

Or, the dealer may describe a pink sunset reflected on the sea...
Whoever covers the card of the Dragon Woman wins that point!

You don't know that Character? Just describe the Scene, the color of the dress, of the background, an element on the card...

As soon as a card is guessed and taken, the
dealer re-fills the table with a new card, until all the cards are taken. In the end, the player with the most cards... is the winner!

When the players have learned how to call, describe, mime, sing or quote the Cosplayers, every time a gamer takes a card, he becomes the dealer and describes the next Character;
of course the dealer on his turn can’t be the one to cover the card he just called!
And if someone slaps his hand on a wrong card... He must replace one of his cards on the table! Enjoy playing your Warangel Cosplay!

STAGES in Milan, Rome, Florence...

Thanks to this game, creating a bridge between the Gaming World and the Cosplay World,

I was invited as Guest, Guest of Honor, Coordinator... in so many Events in all major Cities in Italy.

You can see me with my Yellow and Blue Jersey #14

together with thousand of Cosplayers

Authors, Illustrators, Writers, Organizers, Artists...


on the Stages of SO MANY Fairs.

The Story of this game and ALL of my Games is well described on the Book translated in English:

"The First Memories - 25 Years with Warangel"

wich is now available also in the USA.

I received 2 Career Awards thanks to my work in creating Games, Books and Joining People:

the first in Modena in 2015,

the second in Padova on 2021.

All Good Memories.

For any info or order write me here!


Wishing you a bright future (Just Imagine it and it will happen like that...)

I salute you!

Angelo Porazzi