Presented by SilToys, a game created and illustrated by Angelo Porazzi

See the PROTOTYPE at Essen Fair 06

HI! I am the Pig and I am HAPPY near the Farm and near the Water. If I stop on other places... I become SAD! When Happy i can pick up the YELLOW HAPPY NUMBERS, when Sad I take the PURPLE SAD NUMBERS!

Mooo! I am the Cow and I am HAPPY near the Farm and near the Grass: In these places I can pick up THREE HAPPY NUMBERS and if I get + then I can add them up! 5 + 4 = 9 so I can move up to 9 squares!

Hello! I am the Lion and when I am behind an animal I can bite it! This makes me happy and the animal... SAD!:)

Who will be an HAPPY ANIMAL?
Who will arrive first? Maybe you will stop some square before, to stay on places that make you happy and allow you to pick up the HAPPY NUMBERS, higher than the SAD NUMBERS!
The choose is yours: always run till the last step or stay happy and win!

for 2-18 players, 5 years and up. Contents:
18 Cards with the characteristics of all Animals
18 Counters of the Animals, the Happy Numbers and the Sad Numbers
1 Board representing the race map with the Farm, the Woods, the Grass, the Water...
1 Rulesheet easy (pick up numbers and move) and one with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

And... 2 wooden PUSHPUPPETS!

All the 18 wooden pushpuppets are available:
Pig, Cow, Lion, Donkey, Elephant, Dog, Cat, Giraffe, Gazzelle, Husky, Leopard, Green Dog, Bear, Sheep, Monkey, Bamby, Horse, Zebra.

PushPuppets are wonderfull handmade and handpainted animals that when "Happy"
stand on their base, when "Sad" flop on their legs!

HAPPY ANIMALS will be premiered AS A PROTOTYPE at EssenFair 06, Stand SilToys
booth number 9-19 and at stand Angelo Porazzi Games booth number 9-28.

On the left a shot of the game. You can see the board, the yellow HappyNumbers, the purple Sad Numbers (when using addition, multiplication, division and subtraction), the Cards that report all Animals characteristics and the 18 available wooden pushpuppets. The race can be clockwise or Counterclockwise: you have two different games that always give possibilities to all animals to be... HappyAnimals!