Guess the choosen word: on your turn
make your question "OR" give your answer.
But attention: your questions could be perfect "Assists" for other players!

Assist is a Family, Pokery Card Game good for children, group of friends, schools, group of co-workers: 3 players or more

Available in English, German, French, Italian:

Rulesheet and all Cards printed in these 4 languages.

Official Presentation in Ludica Milano 11-13 march 2011, 33.000 visitors Lud11.htm
with 2 Designers Donadoni and Porazzi.

ASSIST VIDEO at BoardGameGeek Booth, Essen 2011

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As you see in the pictures, the game is composed by:

1 Box UV varnished

1 Internal Plastic Tray to hold Cards and Coins

1 Deck of 55 Cards

80 Coins (The Neurons) to be used as in Poker, to raise when you think you know the answer

1 Rulesheet in 4 languages: Italian, English, German, French


The game is interactive, helps in speaking and listening, with a little of Poker and Bluff.

There is to guess a secret word.

On your turn you can:

Play your Question Card


Give your answer.

So be careful with your questions because they can become perfect "Assists" for other players!

Cards are spillted in

30 Question Cards Green

25 Illustration Cards Blue

All the 55 cards have text in

Italian, English, German, French

On the back of each Blue Illustration Card you find 6 words inspired to the artwork.

The dealer shuffle the Blue Deck, secretly chooses one Blue Card and declares for example:

"You have to guess the 5th Word wrote on this card" and put it on the table, covered under the Blue Deck.

The game is studied to do not request pencil and paper.

Obviously, after many matches, you can write down different secret words to guess,

according to the medium age of other players around the table.


The goal of other players is to guess the choosen word. The dealer gives to each player three Green Question Card.

On Your Turn you can

Play one of your Question Card, putting it in the center table and reading it loud


declare your answer.

You car Raise, Bluff like in Poker, all wrote in RuleSheet.

Each match ends when one player is out of his Neurons (the Coins) so watch well who is near to loose and play well your "All in!"

Here the friends that gave life to this international collaboration

- Marco Alberto Donadoni and Angelo Porazzi as authors, from Italy
- Angelo Porazzi for Illustrations and Artwork
- Cartamundi (of which I am contact for authors of  Area Autoproduzione) as printer, from Belgium
- Spielmaterial (of which I am communicator and distributor for Italian Luding Fairs) as furnisher of gaming pieces, from Germany
- Area Autoproduzione because many illustrations in Assist are artworks I created for many collegues that partecipate in this Area.

In Assist you'll find many Artworks I created for many collegues: from the 15 years old Warangel, Christmas Penguins illustrated for Harald Muecke,  Vicious Fishes illustrated for TomVasel, PiFroG produced by Spanish NestorGames...

To demostrate that links among self-produced games and published games are many.
Put in contact Authors with Gamers, with other Designers, with Illustrators, Producers, Fair Organizers, Ludoteques, Schools... Is exactly what  Area Autoproduzione does from many years.
That is why this Logo is on this game together with Angelo Porazzi Games, Cartamundi and Spielmaterial.

Assist Official Presentaion was in Ludica Milano 2011

Here the PhotoReport with the Video of the two authors.

Two weeks later was presented in Play Modena 2011, here the  PhotoReport.

Assist International Presentation was in Essen Spiel 2011, Germania.

Here the PhotoReport and the Video together with Scott Alden, founder of BoardGameGeek, the worldwide website about Board Games.


You can try, play, and take your Assist in  one of the maaany Luding Fairs that host Area Autoproduzione
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15 euro 1 copy, discount for more copies: one for you and one to play a nice Assit to your gamer friends:)