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From the first Dinosaurs to Man: who will be saved?

Who knows what color the Dinosaurs were?
You color the white cards... as you imagine them :)

Shuffle the deck and deal 10 cards to each player.
The game runs clockwise.
On your turn, play at least one card,
2 consecutive cards (3-4 or 10-11...),
sequences as long as you want (6-7-8-9-10...).

You can attach cards to sequences
started by other players and you can always
discard as many cards as you wish, refilling the deck.

At the beginning of each of your turns, you draw a total of 10 cards.

If you get to form a sequence with at least
3 cards of the same color (7-8-9 yellow...)
you can take it ... Unless someone plays
on that sequence an AsteroiDino!

If you play an Evolution, remove the Asteroid: you can continue the sequence and take it!
If not, leave your sequence which can be
unlocked by next players if they play
an Evolution: they can continue it and take it.

The Asteroid and Evolution Cards,
when used, are replaced in the deck.
When you have no more cards to play, the game ends: whoever has saved the most cards, wins!

Created and Illustrated by Angelo Porazzi 2022


AsteroiDino!, first presentation to die for laughter: will we become extinct or will we evolve?:)

 Never seen so many people of different ages laughing so hard at the debut of a new game:) Ludoteque "La Cittą del Gioco", Milan, February 27th 2022:)

After MANY games we recommend:

In 2 Players 10 cards for each one

In 3 Players 8 cards for each one

In 4 Players 7 cards for each one

In 5 or more players, use 2 decks and 7 cards for each one :)

Rule of the Bridge Card: if there are two separate sequences on the table and you play the card that joins them, you can take both sequences!

Example: on the table there is a 6-7 and a detached 9-10-11-12... You play a Brachiosaurus whih is a card 8 and take the complete sequence from 6 to 12!

Unless, in the moment ot the trick... a dear friend plays on that sequence you just created... an AsteroiDino!

Remember: we can always choose whether to Extinguish.. or Evolve;)


For any questions, have it sent to you, find it at events,

play it together with the "Warangel al home" service at my house or at your house...

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